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The first edition of the IATS was concluded successfully and the 2nd edition of the IATS will take place in Abu Dhabi on 22nd-23rd of April 2015, held in association with Abu Dhabi Poly Technic, Institute of Applied Technology and supported by UAE Air Force, will bring together the global civil and military training service providers including universities, engineering & aerospace colleges, technical and professional training academies, flying schools, training aid manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft and airport equipment manufacturers, training consultants and experts, ATC / ATM training, civil & military training, airport operations & management training, safety & security training providers with the air force, airlines, airports personnel and the students those are willing to choose aviation as their career.

This 2 days event will feature a conference, in which the global experts will take part and highlight the outlook and growth of the aviation industry, initiatives on aviation training, innovative training methods and techniques to achieve the maximum excellence in the industry, global regulatory requirements on training, career opportunities and will discuss the pressing issues, solutions and best practices. This event will also feature over 50 aviation colleges, universities, technical training academies, flying schools, airlines, ground handling, safety and security, airport management, training aid manufacturers, military and civil aviation training companies, experts and others those are related to the aviation training.

Middle East Market Outlook
  • The demand for global air travel continues to grow on economic optimism and improved business. According to IATA, the world's airlines are expected to transport over 3bn passengers this year, equivalent to around 44% of the world's population, and 48 million tonnes of cargo - representing around 35% of world trade by value. Aviation industry supports 3.5% of global GDP now and which is equivalent to US$2.2 trillion annually.
  • The Middle East is home to over 65 commercial, charter and private airlines with over 1050 aircraft are in services, operating from 80 international and domestic airports. The general lack of skilled manpower in the regional aviation sector to cater the growing demand has proved as one of the major barrier to growth, the experts warn that the lack of skilled and manpower available for technical maintenance and the pilots required for rapidly growing Middle East airlines fleet size. The expansion and the development of the new airports in the region created strong job opportunities.
  • The region's Air force modernization plans has also created a major requirement to train its pilots and its technical workforce to maintain its combat fleet and are spending in billions to provide adequate training to its personnel.
  • According to IATA report, Aviation Industry could be supporting 82 million jobs by 2030, the global forecast predicts that a staggering 460,000 new commercial airline pilots and 601,000 maintenance technicians will be required by 2030. Although experts have been warning the global aviation industry of an impending skills shortage for many years, fast-growing regions, such as the Middle East, are now coming under phenomenal pressure to find the personnel to maintain its expansion plans.
  • Thanks to the robust Middle East economies and increasing global oil exports, particularly the Middle East aviation market will witness significant growth over the next 20 years with passenger traffic forecast to grow 6.2 percent annually according to the IATA source. Airlines from the region are expected to receive delivery of 1,963 new passenger and cargo aircraft. As a hub for both leisure and business travel, the Middle East is in a particularly advantageous position to benefit from this growth, with emerging economies are likely to see significant expansion of their aviation sectors in the coming years.
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